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Remington Steele

Remington Steele

A private detective creates a fictitious male supervisor to serve as the face of her detective agency.

Steele Sweet On You (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 15

Laura tries to help her brother-in-law after he arrives in town for a dental convention only to find that his dental partner has been ...

Blood Is Thicker Than Steele (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 13

Walter Gallen, A Robert Vesco-like expatriate, is brought back from exile to testify against his former employer. Fearing retaliatory harm ...

High Flying Steele (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 13

Laura and Remington join the circus, performing on the trapeze and eating fire as they investigate a case involving a homicide which ...

Steele Eligible (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 12

A magazine lists Remington among its five most eligible bachelors, but the honor turns deadly when two of the honorees are murdered, ...

Steele Threads (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 11

When Laura goes undercover as a model and Remington as a wholesale buyer to investigate their client's stolen design secrets, they find ...

My Fair Steele (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 10

Laura and Remington are hired by a dying business tycoon to find the twin of his adopted daughter, but after his death, one girl appears ...

Steele Knuckles And Glass Jaws (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 9

Laura and Remington become instant parents when they are left with an abandoned baby with dangerous ties to the criminal underworld.

Scene Steelers (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 8

Laura and Remington investigate after a parrot dies during the making of a food commercial and the two bickering stars accuse each other of ...

Love Among The Steele (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 7

Laura and Remington set out to unravel the sinister mystery involving a driverless, vintage car which almost runs them down and find murder ...

A Steele At Any Price (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 6

Laura and Remington set up a competing syndicate with the hope of locating an investigative reporter who has disappeared inside a ring of ...

Steele Framed (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 5

Steele is horrified when he hits a pedestrian with his car and the apparently fatal accident begins to look like premeditated murder.

Altared Steele (Full Episode) Season 2, Episode 4

A man with multiple identities and wives turns to Laura and Remington for help when he cannot remember who he is and finds himself marked ...