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Jeff Haas

Jeff Haas

Scratch and Sniff is a weekly comedy web series that dares to ask the question 'Can a grown man share his home with a cat and dog without ...

Scratch and Sniff: A new Friend

Sniff's new friend has everyone wondering. Is it just the dog's imagination or are things not as they appear Another fun and hilarious ...

Scratch and Sniff: Philip

When Sniff orders a new toy, everyone may get more than they expected. Part 1 of a 6 part adventure for the comedy web series 'Scratch and ...

Scratch and Sniff: Happy Holidays!

Evil Santa is now gone, all's well that ends well. Or is it The hilarious conclusion to our holiday story line on the Scratch and Sniff web ...

Scratch and Sniff: Holiday Heist

Santa is about to make off with the guys holiday cheer. Will he get away with it Another fun filled episode in the comedy Scratch and ...

Scratch and Sniff: Hum bug!

Jeff's escape attempt is thwarted and thus Santa's robbery continues. Could things get any worse Another fun filled holiday edition of the ...

Scratch and Sniff: Misfit Toys

Held hostage by a rogue Santa, Jeff and the boys have a plan to retake their home. Happy Holidays from Scratch and Sniff the web series ...

Scratch and Sniff: Yule Tied

What's more fun than a home invasion by Santa Santa with a paint ball gun Enjoy this hilarious episode from the Scratch and Sniff web ...

Scratch and Sniff: Bad Santa

Ho-Ho-Huh What starts out as a tree trimming day takes an unexpected twist when everyone's favorite jolly red elf comes packing heat We ...

Scratch and Sniff: Babe in Toyland

Jeff gets an unexpected visit from an old friend. Will the holidays ever be the same Another fun filled Scratch and Sniff episode.

Scratch and Sniff : Homely for the Holidays

Get out the decorations, plug in the lights, it's time to get ready for the holidays. Can Scratch and Sniff be nice and not naughty Tis the ...

Scratch and Sniff : Story Tellers

Scratch and Sniff risk an international incident when they 'spill the beans' to Jeff's co-worker a red headed, French gal named Pam. This ...

Scratch and Sniff : Let the Healing Begin

Jeff is finally back to his normal self. Not sure if that's a good thing Unfortunately he's unaware of what has happened over the past few ...