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Tip Tap Tip

Tip Tap Tip

Tip Tap Tip is an audio podcast which broadcasts from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Hosted by Eric amp Rachelle, we cover odd news items and ...

TTT 378: Black Is The New Black

This episode is sponsored by the color black. Rachelle explains why in her 10 rant about how Eric is pretty dumb at things. Also, lot of ...

TTT 377: Beyond The Valley Of Tip Tap Tip

Want to become dumber Listen to this episode. It8217s like hypnosis but far cheaper. We can8217t make your boobs grow bigger though. Music ...

TTT 376: Neighbourhood Watch

Rachelle is spying on the neighbourhood because she suspects something is amiss. Eric pushes buttons 8211 both figuratively and literally. ...

TTT 375: Gold And Diamonds

In this episode we discuss listener mail, Rachelle8217s merit badge system, and Eric8217s list of annoying things people do. Also, help us ...

TTT 374: Tip Tap Tip Are Talent

Yay It8217s us again. We serve up a big slice of awesome as we talk swiss cheese, Eurovision contenders, and go over Rachelle8217s ...

TTT 373: Give Me Cheeses

Back in the studio after too long. Listen to Eric8217s fascinating science experiment, bizarre 911 calls and of course Eurovision. Yes, ...

TTT 372: Nerding Out

Another episode from the highway. Impromptu and unplanned so you know what to expect. We discuss how our Christmas went and New Year8217s ...

TTT 371: Christmas Miracle

In this episode recorded from the road, Rachelle and Eric discuss Eurovision, Edmontonians, and the miracle of Christmas. Thanks Episode ...

TTT 370: Tag Team

Rachelle is tired and you can hear it. It makes for a good show. That8217s why Eric made her sit down for this shortish episode before he ...

TTT 368: Balls To The Wall

Shane joins us as discuss pick up techniques and east coast donairs. Eric takes up pushes the buttons and turns the knobs as Rachelle and ...

TTT 367: Dangle A Carrot

In this pre-vacation episode we discuss bad dating techniques, how to pour coffee, and quiz each other on Canadian facts. Yeah. Links ...

TTT 366: All Day, Every Day

Hey listeners Did you miss us We hope so because we do this show for you. Actually I don8217t know why we do this. Maybe it8217s all the ...