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South Park: Stick of Truth - IG NEO Video Game Review

After many delays, this game is finally released Check out the video to see how this one stacks up.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Genesis Video Game Review IG Show Ep 11

Continuing the story Arc, this episode reveals the next chapter in the saga. The story is reaching the finish line A special th...

Irate the 80's Ep. 13 - Monster Cereals (Count Chocula, FrankenBerry, BooBerry) Review, History

Bringing in the Unlucky Number 13th Episode, is the Monsters from the Monster cereals Count Chocula, FrankenBerry, BooBerry, Frute Brute, ...

Lego Marvel Universe Game Review - IG NEO

Coming at you with a new IG NEO to hold you over until the next The Irate Gamer Show episodes are done Dont Miss our Winter Sale going on ...

News Update on the Next Irate Gamer Episode, Irate the 80's, 2014

Yes its been awhile since my last video. Its coming, Here's an update on whats going down. And here's an Update to the Update. Actually the ...

Skylanders SWAP FORCE - Full Complete Figure Character Roster 36/36 (Wave 3 & 4)

Here is the complete Character Roster for Skylanders SWAP Force, plus wave breakdowns for wave 1, 2, 3, and 4 Plus a little known fact you ...

Ronnie Family Christmas Song "Deck Eachothers Halls" - Reup'ed with Bloopers!

Ronnie did a Christmas song with his Family. To bring in the holiday season, I decided to reupload this classic video from 2011, and this ...

A Skylanders 'Swap Force' Live Action Stop Motion Animated Adventure - Action Figures

This project has clocked in over 60 hours of work from me but its well worth it in my opinion. I did most all the voices in this video and ...

IG NEO - Sonic Lost World Wii-U Thoughts and Review

Here's my thoughts on the new Sonic Game for all your gaming news, please visit

Skylanders SWAP FORCE - Accessories Playsets Review and Comments - Flynn's Ship, Skylands

This installment we are checking out some Swap Force Accessories that will be coming out... well, right now I was told you can find them ...

Apple Store - The Irate Gamer Game Official out! TIGG (IG NEO)

Its been in development for quite some time and now its out. Here's a small look at the Irate Gamer Game The game will be back up soon on ...

Diablo 3 Console Video Game Multiplayer Review IG NEO

Another IG Neo Coming at ya This time checking out Diablo 3 For all your gaming news, please visit