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Video: Healthier Happy Meals?

McDonalds said it is cutting the size of the french fry portion in half and adding apple slices to every meal under pressure from nutrition ...

Video: UN to airlift emergency rations to Somalia

Christoph Gorder of explains what type of assistance his organization is providing to the famine-devastated region.NewsNation

Video: Not quitting his day job, even at 100 years old

NBC's Chief Science Correspondent Robert Bazell gets a musical performance from 100-year-old Ephraim Engleman, a talented violinist who ...

Video: Somalia faces famine crisis from drought

Somali-born supermodel Iman speaks with msnbcs Thomas Roberts about the growing crisis in Somalia and the necessity of getting aid to the ...

Video: Boy, 10, has own workout DVD

CJ Senter, who's known as the 'Workout Kid,' also teaches fitness classes to other youngsters near his home in Georgia.msnbc tv

Video: Bottoms up! Are Americans' derriere obsessed?

Glamour magazines Cindi Leivie and Maxims Joe Levy discuss why our culture has a new-found passion for perfect posteriors.TODAY

Video: 'Dead' man wakes inside morgue refrigerator

A South African man declared dead woke up and screamed for help from inside a morgue drawer. Willie Geist has the incredible story.ZeitGeist

Video: ‘Unforgettable' Cole, ‘Ramblin' Allman team up

Singers Natalie Cole and Gregg Allman rock out to fight the stigma of living with Hepatitis C.TODAY

Video: Dieters, when it comes to salmon, go ‘wild'!

Diet S.O.S. TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer tackles viewers dieting dilemmas, including why wild salmon may be better for your health over ...

Video: 7 Internet-fueled health myths debunked

From poor light ruining eyesight to eggs raising cholesterol, Dr. Roshini Raj puts common misconceptions about your health, spun ...

Video: Flip-flop danger

They are a summer staple, but flip-flops can also lead to injuries such as stress fractures and tendinitis. NBCs Suzanne Kianpour ...

Video: Dad sheds 297 pounds for his daughter

Meet the newest member of TODAYs Joy Fit Club Darren Williams, whose dramatic weight-loss journey was inspired by his family and has left ...