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Dennis Rodman Visits North Korea, Blows Up On CNN Interview

Dennis Rodman is on his fourth visit to North Korea. During another trip in which he intends to grow the game of basketball in the country ...

Lovely New Bullet Splits into 4 Conjoined Parts for More Dazzling Kills

The military is adopting a new type of ammunition that will expand into 3 connected pieces when shot, so they can take off the WHOLE face, ...

Fake OKCupid Profile for World's Sexiest Horror Show Attracts Multitudes

Columnist Alli Reed created a sexy online dating persona so wretched, she figured no sane man would possibly respond. She was wrong.

Watch This Teenage Kid's Amazing Time-Lapse Lip-Sync To Queen

Matt Perren, aka Cat Licker, came up with a pretty original idea for a video. In just over 1100 days he took thousands of selfies and ...

Bigfoot Has Been Shot And Killed Y'all

A man claims to have shot and killed Bigfoot near San Antonio, Texas. The killing actually happened back in 2012 but after some DNA tests ...

'London Collections: Men' Tries to Bring Back the Sweat Suit

Male Models Yes please Unless of course they are wearing ridiculous mouth guards and sweatshirts, then no thanks. Check out fashions from ...

Man Safely Lands Plane on Bronx Expressway, Wife Not Thrilled by Passenger List

Michael Schwartz safely landed his single engine plane on the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx. It was amazing, the fact that he had a ...

Jenna Jameson Enlists 4chan to Track Down 'Con Artist', Deploys Boobs

Jenna Jameson was having trouble with a former assistant, so she turned to 4chan for help. She had to flash her teets, but boy did they get ...

The Bachelor Season 18: Juan Pablo Pre-Show Event

The Bachelor is Back with Juan-uary Sunday was the special preview show ahead of limo night. See behind the scenes of casting and get a ...

Homeless Man In USA Today Photo Spread Isn't Homeless

USA Today, like everyone else, is talking about the extreme cold weather. They even published a photo slideshow showing slices of life ...

Man LOSES 37 lbs Eating Nothing but McDonalds

A high school teacher decided to prove our choices dictate our fitness by eating nothing but McDonalds for 90 days. He ended up losing 37 ...

Dogs Poop in Coordination with Earth's Magnetic Field

Apparently, dogs crap along the North-South axis when Earth's magnetic field is stable. What the eff does that mean