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Sherlock The Network - NEW APP #jointhenetwork - BBC

Download the app and find out more on the official website The game is on Immerse yourself in the world of Sherlock Holme...

The Natural World Is Awesome - Earth Unplugged Channel

Earth Unplugged wants to show you why the natural world is breathtaking Subscribe and join the community The Earth Unplugged team answe...

Building a Flying Bicycle pt.1 - Bang Goes The Theory - Series 6 - BBC

Jem heads for his workshop to build his own solution to traffic jams a home-made, man-powered aeroplane. First Jem's team must weight test ...

World's First Lab Grown Beef! - Dara O Briain's Science Club - Series 1 - BBC

Neuroscientist Tali Sharot attends the first ever taste-test of beef grown solely in the lab. The environmental devastation being caused by ...

Sweating Buckets - Bang Goes The Theory - Series 6 - BBC

Dallas Campbell undergoes a gruelling exercise session without any water. What will be the effects on his body and mind Subscribe to the ...

Brain like a sieve - Him & Her - Series 2 - BBC

Steve's ex is worried about her missing brother and comes round looking for help from Steve. But she won't find any, he can barely fetch a ...

How Does Caffeine Affect You? - Bang Goes The Theory - Series 6 - BBC

Dallas and Jem investigate body energy and the affect of caffeine. You may be surprised to learn certain foods contain caffeine... Jem ...

Dan stands up to Anita - Him & Her - Series 2 - BBC

Contains some strong language. A clean shaven Dan finally stands up to the awful Anita. Meanwhile Paul has some news for Steve... Subscribe ...

Tesla Coil & Laser Beams pt.1 - Bang Goes The Theory - Series 6 - BBC

Jem explores the possibility of electricity without wires experiencing the magic of wireless lighting via a Tesla coil. But what about ...

Lottery stress! - Him & Her - Series 2 - BBC

Contains strong language. Everyone has lottery tickets for the big draw, who will be the lucky one Subscribe to the BBC Worldwide channel

PONG played by a crowd - Bang Goes The Theory - Series 6 - BBC

Dallas Campbell sets up an experiment to test how the mind of crowds work. In a cinema full of volunteers, a game like Pong appears on the ...

Rebel Brain Activity - Bang Goes The Theory - Series 6 - BBC

What is the biological reason behind the tendency for humans to want to conform Dallas Campbell meets evolutionary biologist Dr Vasily ...