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Dave & Al's Scotsport Podcast

Dave & Al's Scotsport Podcast

Scotland's best Sporting podcast

The Podcast that's, it turns out, no longer a 34 waist

This week it8217s the end of year awardsWhich was the biggest fashion mistake of the year Doddie Weir8217s trousers or Kris Boyd8217s ...

The podcast whose interest rate is at an all time low

This weekWe EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Maradona has quit the argentina job Where does superman keep is ID Exactly what does a posh geordie ...



The Podcast that's got all of its money in Icelandic banks

This weekWhat has caused the value of Newcastle Utd to plummet in the past two weeks Why will John Daly not be taking part in the final ...

The podcast that going to be nationalised within a month

This weekSteven Pressley makes an immediate impact at his new club, What do Vladimir Romaov and Kim Jung Il have in common Which former ...

The Podcast that can't think of a title involving Andy Murray

This WeekWhich sporting event caused a flurry of Lock-ins throughout Scotland on Monday night, Has Bobby Williamson been given such a ...

The podcast that's the third best golfer in Scotland

This weekMight Scotlands Olympics hero be the scapegoat for the defeat in Macedonia We reveal the real reason why Russia invaded Georgia ...

The podcast that eats 13,000 Calories each day and still wasn't picked for the Olympics.

This weekWe reveal why so many world records are being broken in the Olympic swimming pool, Will Mexico launch an invasion of California ...

The podcast that has it's own 9/11 conspiracy

This weekHas a new Olympic event been created because of a bet a man called Kieran made with his friend What exactly did Forfar do to ...

The podcast that's never been challenged to a triathlon.

The podcast thats never been challenged to a triathlon.This week Which Scottish golfer thought that Borat was a serious documentary Will ...

The Podcast that thinks Glasgow Rangers need to sign more strikers.

This weekWe reveal why David Coulthard finishes so few races. Is Swiss television trying to bring back fascism We suggest that Colin ...

The Euro 2008 podcast that won't hear a word against the Germans.

This WeekWe reveal why Bastain Schweinsteiger was sitting right next to Angela Merkel during the Austria game We suggest a way Andy Murray ...