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Red State

 Horror & Thriller | Horror & Thriller | Action
 R (USA)
 Kevin Smith
 Kyle Gallner (Jarod), Michael Angarano (Travis), Nicholas Braun (Billy Ray), Kaylee DeFer (Dana), Betty Aberlin (Abigail), Ronnie Connell (Randy), Alexa Nikolas (Jesse), Deborah Aquila (Mrs. Vasquez), Matt L. Jones (Deputy Pete), Stephen Root (Sherrif Wynan), Joey Figueroa (Route 9 Friend), Anna Gunn (Travis' Mother), John Lacy (Travis' Father), Catherine McCord (News Reporter), Cooper Thornton (Plastic Wrap Man)
 88 min
Red State is a 2011 American independent horror film written and directed by Kevin Smith with characters inspired by types of fundamentalist religious organizations. The film stars Michael Parks, John Goodman, Melissa Leo and Stephen Root. For months, Smith promised that the rights to the film would be auctioned off to a distributor at a controversial event to be held after its premiere at the Sundance film festival, but instead Smith purchased the film himself which, according to analysts, ...

Federal Raid

Red State 2011 - Federal Raid - Facing heavy resistance from the Cooper clan, Agent Keenan John Goodman leads his men in a raid against the ...

Heavenly Trumpets

Red State 2011 - Heavenly Trumpets - When loud trumpet blasts are suddenly heard throughout the valley, Pastor Cooper Michael Parks ...

Save the Babies

Red State 2011 - Save the Babies - Cheyenne Kerry Bish begs Jarod Kyle Gallner to help get the children out of the house before the feds ...

We're Not Terrorists!

Red State 2011 - We're Not Terrorists - Keenan John Goodman argues with a colleague about how to best approach the domestic terrorist ...

Eye for an Eye

Red State 2011 - Eye for an Eye - As agents Keenan John Goodman and Brooks Kevin Pollak discuss their next course of action, a sudden shot ...

The End Is Nigh

Red State 2011 - The End Is Nigh - Pastor Cooper Michael Parks gives a scorching sermon on what8217s wrong with the world and how America ...

The Wrath of God

Red State 2011 - The Wrath of God - Pastor Cooper Michael Parks preaches to his congregation about the wrath of God, and then gives them a ...

Red State - Trailer #2

Red State 2011 - Trailer 2 - Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter ...

Red State - Trailer #1

Red State 2011 - Trailer 1 - A horror film in which a group of misfits encounter fundamentalism gone to the extreme in Middle America.