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Dying Young

 R (USA)
 Joel Schumacher
 Campbell Scott (Victor Gettes), Colleen Dewhurst, Ellen Burstyn (Mrs. O'Neil), George Martin, Vincent Phillip D'Onofrio, Alex Trebek, Julia Roberts (Hilary O'Neil), Anthony Johnson, David Selby
 111 min
Dying Young is a 1991 romance film, directed by Joel Schumacher. It is based on a novel of the same name by Marti Leimbach, and stars Julia Roberts and Campbell Scott with Vincent D'Onofrio, Colleen Dewhurst and Ellen Burstyn. The original music score was composed by James Newton-Howard. The film was marketed with the tagline 'She's giving him something nobody else could. A reason to live.'

Going Out

Dying Young 1991 - Going Out - Victor Campbell Scott and Hilary Julia Roberts go out on a date.

The Redhead

Dying Young 1991 - The Redhead - Hilary Julia Roberts and Victor Campbell Scott get to know each other.

Want the Job?

Dying Young 1991 - Want the Job - Victor Campbell Scott interviews Hilary Julia Roberts to be his caretaker while he goes through ...

Fight For Us

Dying Young 1991 - Fight For Us - Sensing that Victor Campbell Scott will try to run away instead of return to the hospital, Hilary Julia ...

Can We Pretend

Dying Young 1991 - Can We Pretend - Victor Campbell Scott tries to convince Hilary Julia Roberts to stay at the cabin even though he needs ...

Outburst at Christmas Dinner

Dying Young 1991 - Outburst at Christmas Dinner - Victor8217s Campbell Scott cocktail of morphine, alcohol, and jealousy culminates into a ...

Deal's Over

Dying Young 1991 - Deal's Over - Hilary Julia Roberts feels like her job as Victor8217s Campbell Scott caretaker is complete since he seems ...

Hilary Breaks Down

Dying Young 1991 - Hilary Breaks Down - After seeing the effects of Victor8217s Campbell Scott chemotherapy, Hilary Julia Roberts ...

Botched Interview

Dying Young 1991 - Botched Interview - Hilary Julia Roberts goes in for an interview after seeing an ad in the paper calling for a ...