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From Hell

 Horror & Thriller | Horror & Thriller | Drama
 R (USA)
 Allen Hughes, Albert Hughes
 Johnny Depp (Inspector Frederick Abberline), Heather Graham (Mary Kelly), Ian Holm (Sir William Gull), Robbie Coltrane (Peter Godley), Ian Richardson (Sir Charles Warren), Jason Flemyng (Netley, the Coachman), Susan Lynch (Liz Stride), Paul Rhys (Dr. Ferral), Nicholas McGaughey (Officer Bolt), Annabelle Apsion (Polly Nichols), Estelle Skornik (Ada), Joanna Page (Ann Crook), Mark Dexter (Prince Edward Albert Victor), Samantha Spiro (Martha Tabram), Sophia Myles (Victoria Abberline), Lesley Sharp (Kate Eddowes), Katrin Cartlidge (Dark Annie Chapman), Dominic Cooper (Constable #3), Terence Harvey (Benjamin 'Ben' Kidney)
 122 min
From Hell is a 2001 American thriller-horror-mystery film about the Jack the Ripper murders, loosely based on the graphic novel of the same title by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. It was directed by the Hughes brothers, the first film that they directed outside of the hood film genre. It was first released on October 19, 2001.

An Unfortunate, Not a Whore

From Hell 2001 - An Unfortunate, Not a Whore - Inspector Abberline Johnny Depp questions Mary Heather Graham about witnessing the wedding ...

Juwes are the Men That Will Not be Blamed

From Hell 2001 - Juwes are the Men That Will Not be Blamed - Inspector Abberline Johnny Depp is suspended from the Jack the Ripper case by ...

Carriage Collapse

From Hell 2001 - Carriage Collapse - Inspector Abberline Johnny Depp, kidnapped by the Freemasons, escapes when the horse carriage gets ...

Paying the Ferryman

From Hell 2001 - Paying the Ferryman - Inspector Abberline Johnny Depp investigates a crime scene with another prostitute as the victim. He ...

A Man of a Particular Talent

From Hell 2001 - A Man of a Particular Talent - Sergeant Godley Robbie Coltrane tracks down Inspector Abberline Johnny Depp at an opium den ...

Chasing the Dragon

From Hell 2001 - Chasing the Dragon - Inspector Abberline Johnny Depp 8220chases the dragon8221 one more time and has visions of Mary ...

I'm Still a Woman

From Hell 2001 - I'm Still a Woman - Inspector Abberline Johnny Depp and Mary Kelly Heather Graham kiss passionately in the alleyway.

I Gave Birth to the 20th Century

From Hell 2001 - I Gave Birth to the 20th Century - Inspector Abberline Johnny Depp realizes that Sir William Gull Ian Holm is the murderer ...