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The Third Man

 Horror & Thriller | Drama
 Carol Reed
 Orson Welles (Harry Lime), Joseph Cotten (Holly Martins), Alida Valli (Anna Schmidt), Trevor Howard (Maj. Calloway), Wilfrid Hyde-White (Crabbin), Bernard Lee (Sgt. Paine), Paul Hörbiger (Karl), Ernst Deutsch ('Baron' Kurtz), Siegfried Breuer (Popescu), Erich Ponto (Dr. Winkel), Hedwig Bleibtreu (Anna's Old Landlady), Nelly Arno (Kurtz's Mother), Jack Arrow (International Patrol A), Harold Ayer (Soldier), Harry Belcher (Man Chasing Holly), Leo Bieber (Casanova Barman), Paul Birch (Military Policeman), Martin Boddey (Russian Military Policeman), Madge Brindley (Guest at Casanova Bar), Robert Brown (British Military Policeman in Sewer Chase), Ray Browne (International Patrol B), Paul Carpenter (International Patrol D), Alexis Chesnakov (Col. Brodsky - Russian Liaison Officer), Guy De Monceau (International Patrol C), Reed De Rouen (American Military Policeman at Railroad Station), Jack Faint (Guest at Casanova Bar), Peter Fontaine (Minor Role), Thomas Gallagher (Taxi Driver), Michael Godfrey (International Patrol C), Vernon Greeves (International Patrol D), Herbert Halbik (Little Hansl - Boy with Ball), Paul Hardtmuth (Hartman - Hall Porter at Hotel Sacher), Walter Hertner (Barman at Sacher's), Charles Irwin (Col. O'Sullivan), Lily Kann (Nurse), Geoffrey Keen (British Military Policeman), Brookes Kyle (International Patrol B), Martin Miller (Headwaiter), Hannah Norbert (Actress at Josefstadt Theater), Eric Pohlmann (Waiter at Smolka's), Carol Reed (Opening Narrator), Annie Rosar (Porter's Wife), Frederick Schreicker (Hansel's Father), Hugo Schuster (Waiter), Karel Å tÄ›pánek (Actor at Josefstadt Theater), Lee Strasberg (MP), Gordon Tanner (International Patrol C), Ernst Ulman (Visitor at Literature Club), Helga Wahlrow (Josefstadt Theatre Actress), Jenny Werner (Hilde - Winkel's Maid)
 104 min
The Third Man is a 1949 British film noir, directed by Carol Reed and starring Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Orson Welles, and Trevor Howard. Many critics rank it as a masterpiece, particularly remembered for its atmospheric cinematography, performances, and unique musical score. The screenplay was written by novelist Graham Greene, who subsequently published the novella of the same name which he had originally written as a preparation for the screen play. Anton Karas wrote and performed the ...

The End of Harry Lime

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The Cuckoo Clock

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Above the Dots

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Harry Lime

The Third Man 1949 - Harry Lime - During a drunken stroll through the streets of Vienna, Holly Martins Joseph Cotten is stunned to see ...

Feline Loyalty

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There Was a Third Man

The Third Man 1949 - There Was a Third Man - As he searches for clues as to how his friend died, Holly Martins Joseph Cotten runs into a ...

A Scribbler with Too Much Drink

The Third Man 1949 - A Scribbler with Too Much Drink - While Holly Martins Joseph Cotten mourns the death of his best friend over a drink, ...