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Astro Boy

 Action | Adventure
 David Bowers
 Donald Sutherland (President Stone), Nathan Lane (Ham Egg), Freddie Highmore (Astro Boy), Nicolas Cage (Doctor Tenma), Eugene Levy (Orrin), Kristen Bell (Cora), Bill Nighy (Professor Ochanomizu), Matt Lucas (Sparx), Madeline Carroll (Widget), Moises Arias (Zane), Ryan Stiles (Burning Robot), Samuel L. Jackson (Zog), Charlize Theron (Our Friends' Narrator), Dee Bradley Baker (Trashcan), Sterling Beaumon (Sludge), David Alan Grier (Math Cowboy)
 94 min
Astro Boy, also called Atom , Atomu in Japan, is a 2009 computer-animated 3-D film loosely based on the long-running Japanese series of the same name by Osamu Tezuka. It was produced by Imagi Animation Studios, the animation production company of TMNT. The studio announced the project in September 2006. It was directed by David Bowers and produced by Maryann Garger with Pilar Flynn as associate producer. Freddie Highmore provides the voice of Astro Boy in the movie. The film also features the ...

Chase Through the City

Astro Boy 2009 - Chase Through the City - General Stone Donald Sutherland goes all out in his attempts to capture Astro Boy Freddie ...

Buns of Steel

Astro Boy 2009 - Buns of Steel - While battling Peacekeeper, Astro Boy Freddie Highmore summons inner resources he didn8217t know he had.

Rebooting the Robot

Astro Boy 2009 - Rebooting the Robot - Astro Boy Freddie Highmore finds an old broken-down robot in the woods and uses his resources to ...