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Around the World with Ken Ham

Around The World With Ken Ham

Answers in Genesis's CEO Ken Ham shares his thoughts and views about the world around us

A President From D.C. Visits AiG!

When we started Answers in Genesis over 15 years ago, one of the first things we did to get the creation/gospel message to people across ...

Famed Musician at Museum

Over the weekend our Creation Museum guests were treated to a wonderful concert by Benny Prasad from Bangalore, India. I met Benny a few ...

Resource Reservoir

I have always said that one of the vital missions of Answers in Genesis is to spread resources throughout the nationand around the worldto ...

Spectacular New Dinosaur Book

Master Books has just produced what they believe is the best childrens book theyve ever publishedDinosaurs for Kids.The artwork in this ...

A Challenging Message

Yesterday we were privileged to have Tim Dudley, the president of Master Books the largest creation publisher in the world, at AiG. Tim ...

The Ultimate Proof—Audio Presentation

Almost two weeks ago now, a group of atheists about 285 of them, which may have included some agnostics affiliated with the Secular Student ...

A Race Car and a Challenge from Jeremiah

Many things are happening back in the office today and tomorrow while I am in the western part of America for most of this week. One of the ...

History Curriculum Writer Visits AiG

Diana Waring, well known in home education circles for her phenomenal history curricula now published by AiGgo to AiGs online bookstore for ...

Presuppositional Apologetics

This week at AiG, we are conducting a special three-part presentation series to the staff on apologetics to help them all understand the ...

Roman Soldier Visits Answers in Genesis

With this being Good Friday, I wanted to mention how we brought in a very special speaker for our regular Thursday staff meeting. Dressed ...

Bizarre Behavior from Brisbane, Australia

Now , Ive seen all sorts of ways that the world attacks the Answers in Genesis ministrybut I must admit, this is one of the most bizarre. A ...

The Hypocrisy Police on Full Alert—But Should Stand Down

I dont know if I should feel honoredor just a bit perturbed.Many humanist websites have been recently accusing me of being a hypocrite. A ...