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Thank You Ocean » Podcasts

Thank You Ocean » Podcasts

The Thank You Ocean focuses on interesting and exciting California ocean topics such as marine mammals, the latest news on ocean health, ...

Sea Star Wasting Syndrome

Why are sea stars growing sores, losing their arms, and dying within a few days Sea stars along much of the Pacific coast of North America ...

Ocean Protection Through Action

What does a seafloor map look like, and who uses one How does California use Marine Protected Areas as underwater laboratories In this ...

Protecting California’s Ocean

The California coast is breathtakingly beautiful and also plays a vital part in our economy. With almost 70 of Californias citizens living ...

Ocean and Coastal Photo Contest Winners

Spy on a shy spotted octopus. Gaze at a traveling sea nettle jelly. Gasp at the sunrise hitting the Golden Gate Bridge. The 15th Annual ...

California King Tides: “Snap the Shore, See the Future”

What will happen to our coastline with sea level rise Help us find out Learn how you can help gather important information about our ...

Bringing a Kelp Forest Back to Life!

Imagine a barren underwater desert turned back into a lush, healthy habitat in mere months We talk to David Witting, with NOAAs Office of ...

Reducing the Threat of Ship Strikes to Whales

Ships and whales8211we need both We talk with Michael Carver, Deputy Superintendent of Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, to learn ...

Take The Tour!

Come see what your Thank You Ocean Campaign is all about This short, fun-filled report will take you on a tour of the campaign, and show ...

Wonders of the Sea

Ever wonder what lies beneath the surface of our ocean in California Prepare to be dazzled by the incredible photographs of our California ...

Ocean for Life

Can the ocean strengthen global relationships among different cultures We think so. Ocean for Life brings together high school students of ...

Tsunami Debris Hits California

UPDATE Debris from the March 2011 Japan tsunami is making its way across the ocean and landing along the West Coast. Most recently, the ...

Red Fish, Blue Fish – California's Sustainable Seafood

When was the last time you ate seafood Do you know where the seafood came from, how it was caught, and whether it was from a sustainable ...