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Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters

Hot Fossils And Rebel Matters

A queer lifestyle podcast delivering observations, commentary, reviews, performance pieces and interviews. Sometimes serious. Sometimes ...

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 165 - Snow Monkeys and Snow Shoes

On the Snowshoe trails with Special K and Ninja.160160 There8217s porcupines in them there hills.160 They sit searching for serenity160 ...

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 164 - Sense, Prosthetics, and Gay Sensibility

Ninja thinks the ability of the body to adapt is marvellous. She shares highlights from New Scientist8217s January 07 2009 article about ...

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 163 - So Much Mustard

160160160Chinese Eggtarts - A Favourite All Year RoundValentine8217s day mustard. Charlie meets or rather almost misses Special K ...

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 162 - He Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy

Special K decides to take in the Obama Inauguration at Toronto8217s own

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 161 - Coffee and Crystals

Ninja and Special K attempt to grow crystals in their science laboratory.160 Alchemy will never be the same.160 Ninjafigures the whole ...

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters - Innovation at the AGO

Tagsart gallery of ontario183 frank gehry183 kent monkman183 david altmedj183 art theory183 interactive art

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 159 - Guillain-Barre Syndrome - Interview with Ed Nyman

160Ed Nyman October 2008Guillain-Barre is considered a rare syndrome that causes progressive muscle weakness and paralysis. It ...

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 158 - Steve Saylor, The Dude, and A Closet Geek

SteveThat's what we love about Scarborough Dude, the host of Dicks 'n Janespodcast.160160 He'll raise the difficult questions and not ...

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 157 - Autumn GeekFest

160Tagsobama183 law librarians183 web 2.0183 connie crosby183 eden spodek183 jim milles

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 156 - The Sweet and The Scary

Honey.160 Much sweeter thanwine.160 The secrets of honey, their delicious properties and their healing properties.160 Honey supplies ...

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 155 - You Always Hurt the One You Love

Ninja and friends hang out in Harbourfront on a warm, beautiful, thanksgiving day. 160 Topics covered politics,movies,160 work, memories, ...

Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters 154 - Rest, Renewal and the Music of Autumn

MeditationYom Kippur is known as a time of renewal, meditation and reflection.160It means literally the day of ...