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Life Lessons From The Bible

Life Lessons From The Bible

Experiencing the fullness of life through Christ How to experience the joy and confidence that God wants you to have and the hope of a home ...

Introducing Jesus

We can learn a lot from the Gospels about Jesus from the accounts introducing Him to the world.

Sin Doesn't Affect Me

Lot while righteous, did not worship God like his uncle Abraham did. He chose the fertile plains by Sodom and Gomorrah. He prospered and ...

It Says What It Means and Means What It Says

2 Peter 120ff tells us that we can't twist the scriptures to our desires, but that we must 'study to show ourselves approved' what was ...

Someone Has Got To Do It!

In John 211-17 We see someone not unlike ourselves. He had given up and went back to doing what he used to do in life. That man was Peter ...

How Do You Melt a Heart of Stone?

From Ezek 111-19. Israel was in captivity because their hearts were like stone. Many today are affected by a 'heart of stone' that prevents ...

Thanksgiving and Thankfulness

In Psalm 103, David shows us many things we can be thankful for as we enjoy Thanksgiving Day.

Your Best For His

1 Kings 18. For true repentance the Israelites had to give up their most precious commodity after three and a half years of no rain.

Until The End

Caleb followed God without reservation, completely and for all of his days. His reward was being able to pick the part of kingdom he wanted ...

Introduction to "Going To Hell In A Handbasket And Loving It!"

I read the introduction to my upcoming book, 'Going To Hell In A Handbasket And Loving It' It is still in the editing stage and will be ...

True Repentance

Luke 131-5What is 'true' repentance Is it being caught in the act or a change of mind What stops some from really repenting

Warning Signs

The Book of Jude is a warning against those who would use the Gospel for their own gain and lead others astray.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Hosea 46 'My people perish because of a lack of understanding.'Ignorance is not bliss and the uninformed will act as they always have in ...