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CNN Student News (video)

CNN Student News (video)

CNN Student News utilizes CNN's worldwide resources to bring each day's top news stories to middle and high school classrooms. The 10-, ...

CNN Student News - March 5, 2014

We're going global today, reporting on stories from Eastern Europe, South America and Africa. And we'll explore a few pitfalls of pitiful ...

CNN Student News - March 4, 2014

We explore the ramifications of a crisis in Ukraine, we examine how space 'junk' could threaten space travelers, and we explain the history ...

CNN Student News - March 3, 2014

Russian troops enter part of Ukraine, mudslides coat parts of California, NASA launches a new weather satellite, and Women's History Month ...

CNN Student News - February 28, 2014

Rapid changes occur in Ukraine, ice jams threaten some residents of the northern U.S., and the FDA considers requiring changes to food ...

CNN Student News - February 27, 2014

Topics for today U.S. troops in Afghanistan, tourism in Brazil, Black History Month, and a Character Study involving students and a middle ...

CNN Student News - February 26, 2014

Two different views are explored in the Venezuelan capital, the U.S. government targets food ads in schools, and Beijing students enjoy ...

CNN Student News - June 7, 2013

In our last show of the school year, we look at some of today's headlines before looking back at major events and global elections from the ...

CNN Student News - June 6, 2013

Thursday, we report on Syria's civil war, flooding in Europe, a car company's recall refusal, and a potential drug abuse scandal in pro ...

CNN Student News - June 5, 2013

Wednesday, we report on wildfires and flooding, we explain the significance of some triceratops remains, and we cover rising prices at two ...

CNN Student News - June 4, 2013

Protests flare in Turkey, a virus spreads to Italy, firefighters battle a blaze in California, and a young patient faces challenges in her ...

CNN Student News - June 3, 2013

A new round of storms hits the U.S. Midwest, violent protests break out in Turkey, and federal officials use a restaurant chain to gauge ...

CNN Student News - May 31, 2013

Friday, we report on suspicious letters, a new virus, shark attacks, Facebook's stance on hate speech, and the forecast for the Atlantic ...