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That Gamer Podcast

That Gamer Podcast

Brandon, Ben, and Jason put a twist on the traditional gaming format with personality-based banter, mildly offensive behavior, and ...

That Gamer Podcast, Episode #57: The End

On this week8217s episode OnLive launches in another country, you can play as your favorite DC Universe character for free, Netflix does ...

That Gamer Podcast, Episode #56: Nascar in Space

On this week8217s episode Xbox Live comes to Windows 8, Dead Island ships a ton of copies, Deus Ex is plagued with ads,we gather around for ...

That Gamer Podcast, Episode #55: The Angry Red Bear

On this week8217s episodeMax Payne 3 comes back from the dead,Nintendo sort of reveals their grand plan to fix the 3DS,A whole bunch of ...

That Gamer Podcast, Ep #54: The Misadventures of Brandon and His Blimp

On this week8217s episode Arkham City gets 8220New Game +,8221 Commander Shepard says goodbye, people apparently love Gears of War 3, ...

That Gamer Podcast, Episode #53: Earthquake Brothers

On this week8217s episode Deus Ex gets yanked from Gamestop shelves, Diablo 3s community site goes live, OnLive gets new features, We ...

That Gamer Podcast, Episode #52: Eagle Mustache

On this week8217s episode We have a pretty cool announcement to share with you, Notch challenges Bethesda to a duel, Playstation drops its ...

That Gamer Podcast, Ep. #51: Space Marine Bolt Action Society

On this week8217s episode FortressCraft makes a million, Duke Nukem made some dough, Minecraft makes the news in a few big ways, and ...

That Gamer Podcast, Episode #50: Bringin' Sexy Back… Again

On this week8217s episode We unveil our new format and really hope you like it, Diablo 3 spits out all sorts of news, Nintendo dude loose ...

That Gamer Podcast, Episode #49: Power Outage

On this week8217s episode the 3DS takes a dive down on its cost, Red Dead Redemption gets free DLC, Sony gets sued by everyone and their ...

That Gamer Podcast, Episode #48: It's About Time

On this week8217s episode PSN gets its own online pass, Nintendo gets sued again, Battlefield 3 gets its own social network, and we gather ...

That Gamer Podcast, Episode #47: Steven Seagull

On this week8217s episode Team Fortress 2 makes headlines, Skyrim already has DLC plans, Supreme Court reigns supreme, and we gather around ...

That Gamer Podcast, Episode #46: No Pants Friday

On this weeks episode We get treated to a larger helping of Duke, Apple takes over gaming, Master Chief gets a makeover, we gather around ...