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Learn French |

Learn French |

Learn French with Free Podcasts Whether you are student or a seasoned speaker, our lessons offer something for everyone. We incorporate ...

Lower Beginner #17 - How Many in a French Janitor's Dozen?

Learn French with You thought youd do something sweet for your French girlfriend. You could buy her French chocolates, but ...

Culture Class: Essential French Vocabulary #12 - Cities

Learn French with What vocabulary do you need to know to have a conversation with French-speaking locals Youll learn all ...

News #103 - Running Low on French? It's Time To Power It Up With Premium

Youre looking to power up your French, right Every learner is. Basics like Hello and How are youthats easy. But speaking French without ...

Lower Beginner #16 - Of Love And Clean Floors in France

Learn French with Youre pretty sure your significant other has already left for work, so you decide to test your voice ...

Learn French in Three Minutes #21 - Asking “What” in French

Learn common French question words with our French in Three series In France, knowing how to ask questions is important, and this ...

Video S2 #6 - This French Lesson Is NOT Just for the Birds!!

Learn French with There absolutely could not be a more beautiful day than today. The weather is perfect, the sun is ...

Lower Beginner #15 - Is He the French Man of Your Dreams?

Learn French with Youve been texting with your new French flame all afternoon, but he still hasnt made any plans with you ...

All About #3 - Painless French Grammar

Learn French with How many of you considered grammar your favorite subject in grade school Right, thats what we figured ...

Lower Beginner #14 - Personal Problems in France

Learn French with When youre out at a club in France with some other twenty-something girlfriends, you see a pack of cute ...

News #102 - Faster, Lighter, Better: Brand New Lesson Notes With Every Lesson

Its no lie. You start speaking French into a lesson. But reading and boosting your comprehension and listening skills Thats where PDF ...

Learn French in Three Minutes #20 - Taking a Trip with Friends

Learn common French verbs with our French in Three series In France, manners are important, and this step-by-step video teaches you some of ...

Survival Phrases #49 - Explaining Allergies in French

Learn French travel phrases with A little French can go such a long way Whether youre traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, ...