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Learn Chinese |

Learn Chinese |

Learn Chinese with Free Podcasts Whether you are student or a seasoned speaker, our lessons offer something for everyone. We incorporate ...

News #100 - Running Low on Chinese? It's Time To Power It Up With Premium

Youre looking to power up your Chinese, right Every learner is. Basics like Hello and How are youthats easy. But speaking Chinese without ...

Lower Beginner #16 - Thanks for a Great Chinese Party!

Learn Chinese with Youve had a great time visiting your friends in the Chinese countryside. Theyve really taken care of ...

Learn Chinese in Three Minutes #21 - Asking “What” in Chinese

Learn common Chinese question words with our Chinese in Three series In China, knowing how to ask questions is important, and this ...

Advanced Audio Blog S2 #16 - Love or Bread?

Learn Chinese with In our Advanced Audio Blog for today, our Chinese hostess looks at another part of growing up in ...

Lower Beginner #15 - Are You Too Busy for Love in China?

Learn Chinese with Youre loving your life in China, but theres just one thing missing someone to share it with Every ...

Survival Phrases #4 - Basic Greetings

Learn Chinese travel phrases with A little Chinese can go such a long way Whether youre traveling, visiting, or ...

Lower Beginner #14 - Going on a Date in China

Learn Chinese with Making general references to time is an important part of any language, and Chinese is no different. ...

News #99 - Faster, Lighter, Better: Brand New Lesson Notes With Every Lesson

Its no lie. You start speaking Chinese into a lesson. But reading and boosting your comprehension and listening skills Thats where PDF ...

Learn Chinese in Three Minutes #20 - Taking a Trip with Friends

Learn common Chinese verbs with our Chinese in Three series In China, manners are important, and this step-by-step video teaches you some ...

Video S2 #14 - Have a Whale of a Time with!!

Learn Chinese with It is such a beautiful day today in China that you cannot resist taking your friends up on their ...

Lower Beginner #13 - A Chinese Invitation

Learn Chinese with Youve just had a great lunch with one of your Chinese coworkers, but now that the bill has arrived, ...

Absolute Beginner S3 #10 - Too many Chinese culinary choices

Learn Chinese with You love eating at different Chinese restaurants but there are too many choices. You think you have ...