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Learn Chinese |

Learn Chinese |

Learn Chinese with Free Podcasts Whether you are student or a seasoned speaker, our lessons offer something for everyone. We incorporate ...

Chinese Listening Comprehension for Beginners #1 - At the Jewelry Store in China

Learn Chinese with Do you find yourself only understanding small parts of Chinese conversations Would you like to ...

Culture Class: Essential Chinese Vocabulary #6 - Fruits

Learn Chinese with What vocabulary do you need to know to have a conversation with Chinese-speaking locals Youll learn ...

News #104 - New Lesson Pages Are Here & Loaded With Features!

This our BIGGEST redesign to date The brand new lesson pages arrived on June 12th Oh, havent seen them Then head over ...

All About #12 - Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

You dreamt it once. You know the dream. Like the one where you went to elementary school but forgot to put your pants on Except this one ...

Lower Beginner #23 - What a Cute Chinese Child!

Learn Chinese with It certainly feels good to receive a compliment from someone, but you could be forgiven for thinking ...

Upper Intermediate #8 - Is the Honeymoon Over in China?

Learn Chinese with Since your Chinese company took on their latest big project, youve done nothing but work. When youre ...

Lower Beginner #22 - What Do You Do in Your Spare Time in China?

Learn Chinese with Eating is one thing that unites everyone around the world. And you love going out to a bustling ...

News #103 - Travel & Language Go Together, So We've Partnered With British Airways

Flying British Airways Stow away your bags, recline your seat, and tune in to the fast, fun, and easy in-flight language lessons brought to ...

Learn Chinese in Three Minutes #24 - Asking “Who” in Chinese

Learn common Chinese question words with our Chinese in Three series In China, knowing how to ask questions is important, and this ...

Elementary Lesson #6 - Love Hurts

Learn Chinese with Communication is king no matter where you are or what you are doing, and this could not be truer in ...

Lower Beginner #21 - An Unseasonably Hot Day in China

Learn Chinese with Talking about the weather is an essential tool in making small talk, especially with Chinese people ...

Elementary Lesson #11 - The Unmerciful Chinese Hands

Learn Chinese with You are in China enjoying your vacation, but have pulled a muscle in your back, and your vacation ...