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Issues Under Fire: Western Goals for Geneva 2 Will Hurt the Syrian People

Bashar al-Assad is no closer to volunteering his neck for a noose than he ever was. Standing firm, Assad and his supporters demand to be ...

Issues Under FIre: In Lead Up to Geneva 2, West Look Desperate

Similar to the Iranian nuclear talks, the West seem woefully out of sync as they lead their side to engage Syria's Bashar al-Assad in ...

Issues Under Fire: Iran Barred From Geneva 2; A Major Misstep

Presumably pressured by the usual suspects to exclude Iran from the Geneva 2 talks, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon moved one step closer ...

Issues Under FIre America in the New Dark Age Part 4

As this new Dark Age ages, few will even remember there was a golden age of peace and prosperity. Granted, those days were short and ...

Issues Under Fire: America in the New Dark Age Part 3

In an age where only two acknowledged classes exist The Rich and The Rest, there is a forgotten demographic.We've defined The American ...

Issues Under Fire: America in the New Dark Age Part 2

Without a strong, well funded, courageous and conscientious press working on behalf of the people, the decline in the average American's ...

Issues Under Fire: America in the New Dark Age

With more information available to the average person today than in any other time in history, most remain woefully ignorant of how the ...

Issues Under Fire: 2014 Return

Iran, Iraq, Syria, Edward Snowden, Afghanistan, Israel and the United States Congress will continue to plague the Obama administration this ...

Issues Under Fire: For the Last Friggin' Time, It Wasn't the Sanctions!

In order to satisfy the narrow special interest of a very few, the entire world was forced to make needless sacrifices. In the final ...

Issues Under Fire: World and Iran Have A Deal, Israel Remains the Issue

The world may have a deal with Iran, but the fight has just begun for Israel. This wily, clever and vindictive element must be watched ...

Issues Under Fire: Iran's Supreme Leader Establishes Redlines of His Own

Showing no signs of backing down, giving in or bending over, Iran's Supreme leader vowed to maintain Iran's fundamental right to enrich ...

Issues Under Fire: Can Western Powers Speak With One Voice

After the first Iranian engagement collapsed into finger pointing over who ran away from the deal, its essential the West collaborate and ...