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Trouble is My Business 1940s

Philip Marlowe Private Eye is a Raymond Chandler classic to chill with until your world stop spinning. Enjoy and share

Issues Under Fire: Russia Rejects Western Backed Roughnecks

Taking power by baseball bat is not Democracy. Russia, grabbing and securing the moral high ground, has the U.S. fighting uphill defending ...

Lady in the Death House 1944

A young woman is on death row for the murder of a man who was blackmailing her family, although she claims she was framed. Yeah, Yeah, ...

Issues Under Fire: Misunderstood Logic Has West Calling Putin Crazy

Far from screwy, Vladimir Putin is way ahead in the sane game as he's out maneuvered the West in every foreign policy engagement for the ...

Issues Under FIre: Putin; Invasion Was by Invitation Only

Considering Putin views his incursion into Crimea as a matter of protecting vital interest against rough, rowdy and racist rebels, he felt ...

Issue Under Fire: Obama Broods Over Brewing Borscht Battle

Before jumping into the battle of the Borscht Bellies it'd be a good idea to identify and evaluate the Ukraine opposition to ousted ...

Philip Marlowe in the Dancing Hands

Retro Radio and Philip Marlowe only mean one thing there are murders and mysteries to be solve.Twins, one good one not, takes Marlowe on a ...

Mad Youth 1940 aka Girls of the Underworld

Some rich society dame hires a male escort, but he soon has eyes for her hot daughter instead. A mother-daughter bitch fight ensues forcing ...

Issues Under Fire: Feeling No Sense of Urgency Congress Delays Minimum Wage Debate

For those who've found themselves at the bottom of the America's economic heap, they can plan to be there for a long time. Perhaps ...

Issues Under Fire: Discriminating Arizonian's Bid to Hide Hate Behind Jesus

The bitterness between the Conservative on the Right and the Live and Let Live on the Left will persist in delivering nothing but misery ...

Issues Under Fire: Ball of Confusion; That's What Your World is Today

A ball of confusion is what the world is today, as global plutocrats and the world leaders they employ have lost control. Pick a spot on ...

Issues Under Fire: How the Rich Rules

It must be difficult and mind-boggling to manage and monitor minions by the millions. Keeping them in check with the lure of one day ...