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Point of Inquiry

Point Of Inquiry

Launched in 2005, Point of Inquiry is the premier podcast of the Center for Inquiry. Point of Inquiry critically examines topics in ...

Brian Greene - The Fabric of the Cosmos

Host Chris MooneyIt's the beginning of a new year here at Point of Inquiry, and we've got a pretty good guest to kick it off.He needs no ...

Stuart Robbins - The End of the World as We Know It

Host Karen StollznowDr. Stuart Robbins is a postdoctoral researcher in astronomy at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His work focuses ...

John Cook - The Debunking Handbook

Host Chris MooneyHow do you successfully debunk misinformationThe question is a deceptively simple onemdashwhich is precisely the ...

Daniel Dennett - The Scientific Study of Religion

Guest Host John ShookRecently, the Center for Inquiry held a conference titled 'Daniel Dennett and the Scientific Study of Religion A ...

Robert McCauley - Why Religion is Natural (And Science is Not)

Host Chris MooneyOver the last decade, there have been many calls in the secular community for increased criticism of religion, and ...

Scott Gavura - Dispensing Skepticism

Host Karen StollznowScott Gavura is a registered pharmacist in Ontario with a personal and professional interest in improving the way we ...

Jonathan Weiler - Authoritarians Versus Reality

Host Chris MooneyOur guest this week is Jonathan Weiler, a political scientist and director of global studies at the University of North ...

Tom Flynn - The Trouble With Christmas

Host Robert PriceEbenezer Scrooge once called Christmas 'a false and commercial holiday.' Is it Should Humanists refuse to observe it ...

Bill Nye - In Praise of Reason (and Skepticism)

Host Chris MooneyRecently in New Orleans, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry held the very first CSICONmdashthe conference dedicated to ...

Seth Shostak - ET, Call SETI

Host Karen StollznowDr. Seth Shostak is the Senior Astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute SETI. Seth is the ...

Jonathan Moreno - Our New Biopolitics

Host Chris MooneyHuman cloning. Synthetic biology. Mood and mind altering drugs. Personalized medicine.Such topics are rarely at the top ...

Richard C. Johnson - Religion: The Failed Narrative

Host Robert PriceRichard C. Johnson Ph.D. is a retired chemist and serves as Treasurer for Freethought Arizona.For some 25 years, the ...