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Point of Inquiry

Point Of Inquiry

Launched in 2005, Point of Inquiry is the premier podcast of the Center for Inquiry. Point of Inquiry critically examines topics in ...

Ronald A. Lindsay and Michael De Dora - Mr. Science Goes to Washington

Host Chris MooneyWe usually record Point of Inquiry at a distance. Over the phone. Skyping.But for this show, I packed up my gear and ...

David Brin - Uplifting Existence

Host Chris MooneyIt's rare that I can say about a guest that, I read his books when I was a kid.But David Brin is just such a guest. He's ...

Bill McKibben - Do the Math

Host Chris MooneyWhennbspwe last had Bill McKibben on this shownbspin 2010, I was mainly treating him as another bestselling science ...

Samuel Arbesman - The Half-Life of Facts

Host Indre ViskontasBecause we live in an uncertain world, we arm ourselves with facts to gain a sense of control and therefore some ...

Steven Novella - Exposing Medical Nonsense

Host Chris MooneyOne of the first people I ever got to know in skepticism was Steven Novella.He was a professor at Yale, just starting ...

Michael Gordin - The Pseudoscience Wars

Host Chris MooneyBefore the 'complementary and alternative medicine' fad, and before UFO craze, lived a man whom you might call the first ...

Jacques Berlinerblau - How to Be Secular

Host Chris MooneyOn this show, we often debate the state of American secularismmdashcovering topics like the rise of the so-called ...

Oliver Sacks - Hallucinations

Host Indre ViskotnasDespite our individual differences, highlighted especially during an election, much of what we see, hear, smell or ...

Special Double Episode: Jon Ronson and Richard Wiseman, with Indre Viskontas and Chris Mooney

Hosts Indre Viskontas and Chris MooneyAt the 2012 CSICON conference in Nashville, Tennessee, your Point of Inquiry hosts Indre Viskontas ...

Bruce Hood - Superstitions in Baseball

Host Indre ViskontasThe month of October is associated with falling leaves, autumn winds and hallowe'en. But for sports fans in the US, it ...

Science and the 2012 Election - Shawn Otto and Matthew Chapman

Host Chris MooneyIn this show, we talk to two founders of ScienceDebate, a nonprofit organization that in the last two election cycles has ...

Lisa Randall - Knocking on Heaven's Door

Host Chris MooneyOur guest this week is Lisa Randall, the Harvard theoretical physicist and one of the most heavily cited and influential ...