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Point of Inquiry

Point Of Inquiry

Launched in 2005, Point of Inquiry is the premier podcast of the Center for Inquiry. Point of Inquiry critically examines topics in ...

Ethan Zuckerman - Digital Cosmopolitans in the Age of Connection

Host Chris MooneyOur guest this week is an inspiring thinker whom we've wanted to get on the show for a long, long time Ethan ...

Mario Livio - Brilliant Blunders From Darwin to Einstein

Host Chris MooneyOne thing we often forget about great scientists, especially as they are lionized and mythologized they made mistakes. ...

Daniel Dennett - Tools for Thinking

Host Indre ViskontasHaving spent 50 years as an influential thinker, Daniel Dennett has earned the right to tell us how to think. His ...

Stephan Lewandowsky - The Mind of the Conspiracy Theorist

Host Chris MooneyFrom 9-11, to the death of Osama bin Laden, to the Boston Bombings, there's been a consistently bizarre and troubling ...

Katha Pollitt - Is Religion Inherently Sexist?

Host Chris MooneyOver the weekend, the Center for Inquiry's Women in Secularism IInbspconference unfolded in Washington, D.C.mdashand we ...

Michael Levi - Fracking, Pipelines, and Science

Host Chris MooneyA few months back on this show, wenbspheard from Bill McKibben, the celebrated environmental writer and, more recently, ...

Jared Diamond - The World Until Yesterday

Note You cannbspwatch this episode on Youtube.In this special episode of Point of Inquiry, Chris and Indre speak with the Pulitzer Prize ...

Mary Roach - Adventures on the Alimentary Canal

Host Indre ViskontasIn the science section at your local bookstore, you'll find plenty of books on everything from the brain, to the ...

Scott Atran - What Makes a Terrorist?

Host Chris MooneyBack in the summer of 2011mdashjust before the 10 year anniversary of 9/11mdashthis show welcomed on Scott Atran, an ...

Neil Gross - Why Are Professors (and Scientists) So Liberal?

Host Chris MooneyWe've all heard the claim Academia is liberal. And it indoctrinates students.It kills their religious faith and ...

A.C. Grayling - The God Argument

Host Chris MooneyRemember all the greatest hits of religious apologistsmdashthe ontological, cosmological, and teleological arguments for ...

Frans de Waal - The Bonobo and the Atheist

Host Chris MooneyYou hear it a lot from religious believers Faith is about doing good works, bringing about good in the world, and showing ...