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Crooks and Liars

Crooks And Liars


UK Occupy Protester Kept Off Plane Home Because Of 'Anarchist' Literature

In a way, I find it oddly reassuring that the British security state is just as insane as oursA protester associated with Occupy London ...

Bill Bennett and Sean Hannity Swap Lies In the Name of Saint Ronnie

I'll bet you're wondering how many lies Bill Bennett and Sean Hannity can shove into one and 41 . I'm about to show you. This little clip ...

Newt Gingrich: Drug Test Everyone Before Giving Them Federal Aid!

enlargeNewt Gingrich must be channeling Rick Scott. Here is his answer to a question about the 'war on drugs', during an interview in ...

Herman Cain Accused Of A 13-Year Affair

Herman Cain tried to get out in front of a story he knew was going to break today. Evidently he has a new woman coming forward, but this ...

The New Republican Austerity: Families Living In Cars

If you missed this segment on 60 last night, I highly recommend it. It will remind you of John Steinbeck or Upton Sinclair's depiction of ...

Huntsman: 'Not Running' from Support of In-State Tuition for Immigrants

to view this media Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman said Sunday that he was 'not running' his past support for in-state ...

Abusive Texas Judge Claims Child Abuse Victims Are 'Fantasizers'

to view this mediaAn Aransas County judge, who was caught on tape brutally beating his daughter, has been suspended by the Texas Supreme ...

Ron Paul 'Mic-Checked' by #OWS Protesters in Keene, New Hampshire

to view this mediaVia Raw Story -- Ron Paul gets mic-checked by New Hampshire protestersTexas Rep. Ron Paul R received a mic check from ...

Fox Guest Claims College Professors and Teachers 'Live On The Excesses Of Capitalists'

This morning on Fox News, radio bloviator Tony Katz said thisThere's no such thing as income inequality. A stockbroker makes more than a ...

Steve Kroft To Grover Norquist: 'You've Got Them By The Short Hairs!'

On the eve of what will be the failure of the Super Committee to reach an agreement a good thing, CBS' Steve Kroft interviewed Grover ...

In Formerly Well-Off Communities, The New Poor Are Struggling To Eat

Isn't this heartbreaking The country is now even more starkly divided into haves and have nots, and most of them are people who followed ...