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Brave New Frontiers - progressive country

Brave New Frontiers - Progressive Country

a weekly look at cool INDIE music, in the progressive country/pop mold. This show is broadcast on 8 New Zealand stations ... produced in ...

Brave New Frontiers 292 (progressive country)

For the BEST in INDIE discoveries, it is Brave New Frontiers.nbsp Join the gang as they debut a few and revisit some requests from the ...

Brave New Frontiers 291 (progressive country)

The BNF crew have a happening collection of ultra-cool INDIES on this week's presentation.nbsp We fully support the artists we feel should ...

Brave New Frontiers 290 (progressive country)

Another stellar showcase is upon us, as the BNF gang continue their cool artist search with some amazing results.nbsp You can enjoy some ...

Brave New Frontiers 289 (progressive country)

Those INDIE hits just keep on a coming, and the crew has a dazzling array of coolness, with this week's batch.nbsp Exciting tracks from ...

Brave New Frontiers 288 (progressive country)

For all the BEST that's INDIE, you've found the spot, right here, right now.nbsp The BNF crew have a spectacular line-up this week ...

Brave New Frontiers 287 (progressive country)

For the best in INDIE country, it's Brave New Frontiers.nbsp This week the BNF crew has a monster show with tasty entrees from the likes of ...

Brave New Frontiers 286 (progressive country)

Top notch indie country that mainstream radio tends to ignore, is what BNF is all about.nbsp Check out some of this week's hidden gems, ...

Brave New Frontiers 285 (progressive country)

Scouring the nation for the coolest INDIES, that BNF gang have a spectacular catch, today.nbsp Check out some exciting music with ...

Brave New Frontiers 284 (progressive country)

For the best in INDIE country, it's right here, every week on Brave New Frontiers.nbsp This week we have gems from Doug Folkins, Tania ...

Brave New Frontiers 283 (progressive country)

If you are looking for unique and classy new indie music, BNF is the place to be.nbsp The extremely wide genre of progressive country is ...

Brave New Frontiers 282 (progressive country)

Presenting great INDIE music is a passion of the BNF crew.nbsp They have scoured the net, and have an extra-cool mix, this week.nbsp Check ...

Brave New Frontiers 281 (progressive country)

Hey Loretta nbsp Look at this batch of cool INDIE country on the progressive side. That legendary BNF crew has hot stuff from Shaye, Doug ...