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The Unique Geek

The Unique Geek

The Unique Geek - it's a discussion group, photo gallery, podcast, and dessert topping all in one.

50 Days Of DragonCon 2011 (Day 23) – Featured Video: Panel Show 2010

For our featured video today we have a bit one of several I will be posting from the 2010 Panel show hosted by Ken Plume and Widgett ...

50 Days Of DragonCon 2011 (Day 20) – Jennifer – Wheel Of Time

Jon and Leigh who is calling from her family vacation in parts unknown catch up with Jennifer of the Wheel Of Time Fan Track for this issue ...

50 Days Of DragonCon 2011 (Day 16) – Lost Panel 2010

Here is one of several special videos I will be posting here during the countdown.This video is from the X-Track Fan Track of which the ...

50 Days Of DragonCon 2011 (Day 14) – Derek – Dark Fantasy

Jon and Leigh welcome Derek, Director of the Dark Fantasy Fan Track, back to the virtual couch for this issue of the 50 Days of DragonCon ...

50 Days Of DragonCon 2011 (Day 11) – David – Sr. Director of Fan Track Operations

Jon and Leigh are pleased to have David, Sr. Director of Fan Track Operations, on this issue of 50 Days of DragonCon.In this podcast we ...

50 Days Of DragonCon 2011 (Day 7) – Brandy : Star Wars Track Director

Jon and Leigh welcome back Brandy, Track Director for Star Wars, for this issue of 50 days of DragonCon.This time we discuss guests, ...

50 Days Of DragonCon 2011 (Day 4) – Thomas: Director Of Technical Operations

Jon and Leigh continue the countdown in the 50 days of DragonCon by getting all techie with Thomas aka Papa Smurf Director of Technical ...

50 Days Of DragonCon 2011 (Day 1) – Regina: Sr. Director Of Programming

Jon and Leigh are back at it again.This year we kick off 50 days of DragonCon by chatting with our palRegina, Senior Director of ...

Unique Geek Special Edition: Doctor Who – Mid-Series 6

Ed gathers acavalcadeof a Whovians to chat about the first half of Series 6 or season 27, 32, 338230 or whatever.Shag, Leigh, Aaron, Ron, ...

Issue 99: More Movie Summer Stuff

Jon, Serv, Ron, and Leigh get together to chat about some of the latest about some of the movies they have watched thus far this summer ...

Issue 98: TV Wrap-Pre-Up View Thing

Jon, Serv, Cary, Ed, and Shag get together and run down, preview, review, and generally ramble about the most recent, yet to come, and ...

Issue 97: 2011 Summer Movie Preview

Jon, Serv, Cary, Ron, Widgett, and Ed get together and run down the 2011 summer movies so you don8217t have to8230 I guess.Don8217t like ...