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POV - Podcasts | PBS

POV - Podcasts | PBS

PBS's award-winning documentary film series. POV brings a collection of documentary filmmakers, writers, historians, and others together ...

POV - If a Tree Falls . Filmmaker Interview | PBS

Filmmaker Marshall Curry investigated the Earth Liberation Front arsons for his documentary If a Tree Falls A Story of the Earth Liberation ...

POV - Better This World . Filmmaker Interview | PBS

The directors of Better This World sit down with POV to discuss the subjects of their film. They describe FBI informant use in post-9/11 ...

POV - The Learning . Filmmaker Interview | PBS

Filmmaker Ramona Diaz sits down with POV to discuss her new film The Learning. Following the live of four Filipina women as they immigrate ...

POV - Armadillo . Filmmaker Interview | PBS

Janus Metz, the filmmaker behind the Danish war documentary 'Armadillo,' talks about filming his documentary on the front lines of the war ...

POV - Last Train Home . Filmmaker Interview | PBS

Filmmaker Lixin Fan describes the inspiration behind making Last Train Home. He describes the family that is at the center of the film, and ...

POV - Where Soldiers Come From . Filmmaker Interview | PBS

Filmmaker Heather Courtney discusses the logistics of filming in Afghanistan and describes Hancock, Michigan, the community the soldiers in ...

POV - Mugabe and the White African . Filmmaker Interview | PBS

Filmmaker Lucy Bailey talks with Geoffrey Smith about her powerful film Mugabe and the White African. Bailey addresses the risks and ...

POV - Enemies of the People . Filmmaker Interview | PBS

Geoffrey Smith, director of The English Surgeon POV 2009 and producer of Presumed Guilty POV 2010 interviews Rob Lemkin about his film ...

POV - Sweetgrass . Filmmaker Interview | PBS

Filmmakers Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Castaing-Taylor talk about why they decided to make Sweetgrass, the danger of grizzly bears and what ...

POV - My Perestroika . Filmmaker Interview | PBS

Filmmaker Robin Hessman talks about what it was like to live in Russia for the majority of the 1990s and why she decided to make My ...

POV - Kings of Pastry . Filmmaker Interview | PBS

Acclaimed filmmakers Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker talk about what it was like to film the best French pastry chefs at work, whether ...