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A Moment of Science

A Moment Of Science

You have questions and A Moment of Science has answers. Short science videos and audio science podcasts provide the scientific story behind ...

Sex Changes In Nature: Yes, It Does Happen!

Females can activate their testes and deactivate their ovaries.

The Nightlife Of Plants

Most plants grow buds, flower, or lie dormant at specific times of year. What triggers these seasonal changes Learn more on this Moment of ...

How Is Barley Turned Into Beer?

Did you know that the majority of the world's barley harvest is destined for beer production.

What Makes Windshield Glass So Tough?

We tend to think of glass as fragile--but in fact, glass is pretty strong stuff.

What Do Octane Numbers Mean?

At the gas pump, you have a choice of octane numbers. 87 93 What's the difference Learn more on this Moment of Science.

Step On A Crack

Why do sidewalks have cracks in them Why not one long strip of concrete Why have sidewalks come in sections The answer expansion. Learn ...

How Does Food Cook After Taking It Out Of The Oven?

When you take a roast out of the oven, the inner temperature will continue to rise by five degrees. How is it possible for the temperature ...

From Chemistry Lab To Clothing

n 1927, the Du Pont chemical company invited chemist Wallace Carothers to lead a research team to invent a new synthetic material. ...

The Bare Necessities Of Bears

In the movie 'The Jungle Book,' Balloo the bear spends his days singing and dancing and munching paw-paws. Actually, this is a pretty ...

For A Stress Free Life, Get A Dog!

Many studies have shown that caring for a dog is a great way to get more exercise, relieve stress, and generally improve quality of life.

Bees Have Different Jobs According To Their Age

A team of scientists wondering if some bees might be natural risk takers decided to put that question to the test.

How X-Ray Technology Is Helping Examine Millet's Artwork

In the 1840s, a new painting by Jean Francois Millet was unveiled in Paris. But, horror of horrors, no one seemed to like it