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The Joan and Jeff Show

The Joan And Jeff Show

Two drunk mates sit down each week and bare their inebriated souls to the mic. It's sad but it's so funny

The Joan and Jeff Show #22

Monday In the car trying to get off site, weve made it from field to road and were making good progress. Darrens very pleased with his TTs ...

The Joan and Jeff Show #21

Saturday Were at the Jazz stage drinking Brothers Pear Cider waiting for Rodrigo Gabriela amigos. Were not sure if youll be able to hear ...

The Joan and Jeff Show #20

Friday Were in the crew area Green Room, Darren thinks that there arent enough young women here but wait a . I still cant remember common ...

The Joan and Jeff Show #19

Thursday Sitting in the tent in the rain do apples clean your teeth And is toothpaste too minty to put in your mouth before sleep. Darrens ...

The Joan and Jeff Show #18

A special Easter 2007 show, sorry we've not been podcasting for a while, here goes I didn't like Danny Boyle's new film 'Sunshine' and Rob ...

The Joan and Jeff Show #17

Shout out to Weetootwaag. Were drinking Becks lager today. Rob has actually listened to previous podcasts and read some of your mails. I ...

The Joan and Jeff Show #16

The missing half of the birthday show. More wine tasting. Were still confused about what episode it is will we ever learn to count Can you ...

The Joan and Jeff Show #12

Rob's not ready. Apparently I'm a slave driver We talk about Rob's acting ... check him out at and search for 'Extreme ...

The Joan and Jeff Show #15

We think its show 16 but its actually show 15. We have a glass dilemma and decide to toss for it. Were drinking Chateau Frederic, why dont ...