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HD Nation (HD MP4 - 30fps)

HD Nation (HD MP4 - 30fps)

HD Nation is your guide to the best in HD content, and the best in home theater gear, no matter what your budget is

Don't Buy Star Trek Blu-ray, Pro Tips for Ripping and Digitizing Blu-rays and DVDs, and DIY HDTV ...

Welcome to HD Nation... Tech Feed edition Your guide to the best in HD content... and the best in home theatre gear, no matter what your ...

ESPN Kills 3D, Easy Video: Handbrake Presets for Roku, Time Warner Wants To Kill Internet Video - ...

ESPN kills 3D Broadcasts, Cable TV says NO to streaming content, how to encode video for Roku with HandBrake and more

Roku 3 Review: Can It Beat Apple TV? Remote Control Makes Any Headphones Wireless. 2D to 3D Video ...

Is the ROKU 3 the best 99 set top box out there We demo Rokus latest box, which features a vastly improved interface, speedy new CPU, and ...

Free HDMI Remote Control For 15 Devices: We Demo CEC. Testing Tools: SpectraCAL CalMAN 5. Free ...

Find out what CEC can do in the video... IR Blasters and RF remotes aren't the only way control hidden home theater gear

The Best Cheap HDTV Wall Mount. Xbox One for Home Theatres? DLP TV Woes! - HD Nation

On this episode we talk the Xbox One, DLP HDTVs, and cheap wall mounts

Active HDMI Cables: What They Do Best, What They Break. Xbox 360 Overscan. Odd HD Resolutions: ...

Chimaera96 had a question about Monoprices' Redmere Active HDMI Cables and tweeted, 'Directional is good As in, full bandwidth available Is ...

Can You Plug VGA Into An HDMI HDTV? Are Computer Monitors Better than HDTVs for Desktop Computing? ...

We tell you whether you can plug VGA into an HDMI HDTV and whether computer monitors are better for desktop computing than HDTVs.