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An address number made in my welding class is being painted, and other showcases

After I found a couple office chair shafts that I spliced together with welding, and a curved muffler pipe which was rusty that I also ...

Samurai Clinton's own Old Spice advert

Apparently I've been checking out my archive of old memories. Finally I've decided to release some footage of my 16th birthday from years ...

More cassette tape conversion, movie compression for Android phone, and exterior reflectors

As I've been converting more cassette tapes to MP3, I've also been compressing movies for my Android phone so I could have entertainment. ...

A discussion about my media conversion while an old demo tape of my old band is being converted

I used to be in a band called The Blackdogs back in the early 2000s. I also used to record lots of cassette tapes back in that day, as well ...

Audio cassette tape conversion process, and a discussion about past memories, and other things

Well, this time, I have encountered some old audio cassette tapes which I am about to convert to MP3. As with the pilot project of ...

My dad's CD library undergoes conversion to MP3, and other lifestyle highlights

Well, it just so happens that it occurred to me that I should do an MP3 conversion of all CDs we have as I figured that I might as well be ...

All sorts of gadgets are being recharged, as well as tested

Well, this is one of those rare moments when the available 12 volt DC and 5 volt USB plugs are being maxed out on my bike, of which I am ...

Happy 27th birthday, Samurai Clinton (LUCKY 777 SUBSCRIBER MILESTONE VIDEO)

My 777 subscriber milestone video makes me feel lucky on my 27th birthday. So I dubbed it my 2777th birthday Music cutscene score of ...

Grand Theft Auto: Nick Rebellion (full movie, remastered and enhanced)

OK, so the reason why this movie was submitted as a 3-part movie on YouTube back in 2007 is because YouTube only allowed for a 10 limit on ...

PSY - Gangnam Style (homemade music video)

OK, so this is a homemade music video I made to Gangnam Style by PSY. I threw in a collection of sources to animate this music video. ...

12-21-12 Doom Dance Party: The Spirit World End Party

Well, this is a sequel to 12-12-12 Doom Dance Party. 12-12-12 Doom Dance Party has been getting so many hits on YTMND, it even made it on ...

12-12-12 DOOM Monster dance party!

ONLY 9 MORE DAYS LEFT BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS The Mayans have set up a monster portal so they could host a dance party on 12-12-12 which is ...